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16 Million US citizens can’t afford computers . . .

It is no secret that computer and internet use can be a key driver for individual prosperity. However, over 35% of American citizens either do not use or do not have access to the internet. According to a study released by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 16 million people who do not use the internet stated it was due to not having access to a computer or only having access to an inadequate computer. The types of people who typically fall into this category are people with low incomes, veterans, senior citizens, minorities, less-educated, non-family households and the non-employed.

Schools cutting technology spending . . .

The recent economic recession has taken a toll on school districts. In addition to layoffs, technology is taking a big hit. This means less access for students to modern computers. Some school district administrators are creatively working on this problem by buying refurbished computers but there is only so much money to go around.

PCs2Prosper is a non-profit organization that takes in donated computers, usually from commercial ventures, refurbishes them, and then works to place them where they are most needed, either in the classroom or in the living room.

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